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Tote Tank Offshore Container

Reusable storage and transport containers for bulk liquid

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    Tote Tank Offshore Container

    Tote Tank Container is designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with requirements of the following latest editions standards and regulations.
    o DNV 2.7-1 - Offshore containers
    o ISO 10855 - Offshore containers - Design, construction, testing, inspection marking

    Common uses:
    For reusable storage and transport containers for bulk liquid.

    Frame dimension: 1500mm x 1160mm x 2340mm
    Tare Weight: 272kg (Tank)
    Gross Weight: 4,295kg (Tank)
    Maximum Payload: 4,023kg (Tank)
    Capacity: 2,082L (Tank)
    Color: RAL 5010

    *Actual specifications may vary due to product enhancement. Please contact us for more details.