28 Jan

Offshore Containers – Gulf of Mexico

The Hallmarks of Quality Offshore Containers

When choosing the best offshore containers for shipping in the Gulf of Mexico, the finest quality containers available will be those that are designed and constructed to last, with secure corner fittings and all the latest safety features.A good, experienced supplier will offer a wide variety of containers, including the following:

  • mini containers
  • half-height containers
  • dry containers
  • open top containers
  • cargo baskets
  • chemical tanks
  • offshore reefers
  • Bottle Rack
  • Drum Baskets
  • WorkShop Containers

For use in the Gulf of Mexico, an offshore container should be certified.  Certificates issued by organizations such as Lloyd’s Register and Bureau Veritas, will indicate that certified offshore containers have been manufactured according to the highest standards.

A good offshore container will be manufactured by an experienced company, approved by the ISO (the International Organization for Standardization).  This approval means that the container is suitable for use in the Gulf of Mexico and other such locations having strict standards.  ISO approval indicates manufacture according to standardized specifications and requirements.

Often, offshore containers sold at the best prices also offer the finest quality, due to the dedicated, responsible people working for the company.  Good customer service and free technical advice are the hallmarks of a reputable company that intends to stay in the ranks of the leading businesses in the offshore container sector for a long time to come.

Strict Requirements for the Gulf of Mexico

Standardized offshore containers will be acceptable for shipping to and from all ports bordering on the Gulf of Mexico.  Professionally engineered containers must be used to ensure the safety of cargo from or to any port of origin or destination around the Gulf.

Some of the possible uses of offshore containers in the Gulf of Mexico can include the following situations:

  • shipping freight or cargo
  • moving household goods
  • businesses relocating overseas
  • shipping items requiring customized containers

A first class company, specializing in a variety of different types of offshore containers, will be able to ensure that shipments leaving or arriving in the Gulf of Mexico ports satisfy all container requirements.

There are many ships approaching and departing from the Gulf of Mexico each day.  With the events of last year’s oil spill still fresh in the minds of Gulf residents, safety in shipping is very crucial.  Therefore, the best offshore container companies with the highest standards are the only ones with the credentials needed to supply proper containers for shipping in the Gulf.

The Gulf of Mexico is especially important to the United States, which owns seven of the top 10 ports in the Gulf.  American standards for offshore containers are amongst the strictest in the world.  This is why only the most experienced and careful companies are used for supplying offshore containers for shipping purposes in the Gulf of Mexico.

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