23 Jan

Offshore Containers – BSL Containers product overview

BSL creates offshore containers for cargo and commodity storage. The containers are created to meet Det Norske Veritas (DNV) Certification standards as well as the European Certification Standard (EN), and are therefore accepted internationally, as well as throughout the US and Gulf of Mexico. This certification is provided under the United Kingdom’s Lloyd’s Register, which are the current accepted standards in the containerized cargo industry.

BSL’s offshore containers are also made to ISO 1161 specifications for series ONE freight containers. The 20′ containers also meet the requirements for the International Convention of Safe Containers (CSC). Simply put, this means that all offshore containers created by BSL are designed, manufactured, and tested to meet all criteria of the latest regulations and standards offered by the above-mentioned independent groups. Offshore containers (as well as other cargo-carrying equipment) must meet these requirements at all times in order to be considered acceptable for holding commodities.
BSL offers several types of offshore containers—

  • Dry Goods Containers
  • Half Height Containers
  • Open Top Containers
  • Mini Containers
  • Cargo Baskets
  • Cutting Skips
  • Chemical Tanks
  • Offshore Reefers (Refrigerated Units)
  • Gas Bottle Racks
  • Drum Basketd
  • Workshop Containers

Dry Goods Containers
Offshore containers used to store dry goods are offered in five sizes—6’x6’x8′, 8’x6’x8′, 10’x8’x8’6”, 20’x8’x8’6″, and 20’x8’x9’6″. Both 10′ and 20′ containers are CSC Plated.

Half Height Containers
The Half Height offshore containers are offered in three sizes—10’x8’x4′, and 20’x8’x4′ and 15’x8’x4’3″ .

Open Tops Containers
BSL has created three different sizes/styles of Open Top offshore containers—the 10’x8’x8′, 10’x8’x8’6″ and the 20’x8’x8’6″ Shelved Mini Container.

Mini Containers
There are two different sizes Mini containers available for supplies— you can choose either shelved or without a shelf. The sizes are in 6’x6’x8′  and 6’x5’x9′.

Cargo Baskets
BSL designs cargo baskets for specific industry needs, customized to consumer specifications. Please contact BSL directly for more information.

Cutting Skip Containers
Cutting skips are available with the exterior dimensions of 2280mmx1950mmx1250mm and interior dimensions of 2045mmx1755mmx1000mm.

Chemical Tanks
Chemical tanks are offered in three sizes—a 300 Gallon Offshore Portable Tank, a 500 Gallon Offshore Portable Tank, and a 4000L Offshore Portable Tank.

Offshore Reefers
Offshore reefer containers are available in two sizes—10’x8’x8’6″ and 20’x8’x8’6″. Refrigerated units can be used for food goods as well as other commodities in need of temperature control.

Offshore Gas Bottle Racks
Offshore Gas Bottle racks are available in two exterior dimension: —1270mmx1150mmx2285mm and 1300mmx1408mmx2336mm”. Gas Bottle Racks can provide secure transportation and storage of industrial and respiratory gas bottles for variants  offshore applications

Offshore Gas Drum Baskets
Offshore Drum Baskets  are available in one size  with exterior dimension: —4200mm x2070mm x 1866mm (4.2M), which can provide a secure transportation and storage for tools and packs.

Offshore WorkShop Containers
Offshore WorkShop Containers are available in one size one size  with exterior dimension : —2991mmx2438mmx2591mm , which can provide working environment for craftsman work and tools maintenance.

Despite the size, shape, weight, and type of cargo in need of storage, long-term or short-term transport or storage, BSL can fit the needs of the many international, ever-growing and changing industries—from tile to iron ore. For more information or to place an order, please visit BSL at http://www.bsloffshore.com/.

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