29 Jan

How to Choose Optimal Offshore Containers

When choosing an appropriate offshore container, several factors need to be considered: The type of cargo (cold goods, dry goods, etc.), the size of cargo as well as the shape of the goods, and the amount of commodities needing to be stored. Choosing offshore containers can be a daunting task for many, but can be done by considering the weight, length, height, and type of cargo being stored. For example, to store goods that must be kept cold, it would be inappropriate to choose a dry goods container in favor of a reefer container.

Consider the shape, size, and weight of the commodity. If the product is marble tile or flooring, a dry goods container may be appropriate. BSL has several different sizes of¬†offshore containers to use, from 6’x6’x8′ to 20’x8’x9’6″, which have gross weights from 5,000kg to 20,000kg. However, products such as Iron Ore and other mining commodities are more appropriate for Half Height containers. BSL offers 10’x8’x4′ and 20’x8’x4′ Half Height Containers for storage, with gross weights of 5,000kg and 13,320kg, respectively.
For machinery, steel bars, pipes, cables, and other industrial goods, an Open Top container is often a good choice. BSL makes a 10’x8’x8′ Open Top Container (gross weight 10,000kg) as well as a 20’x8’x8’6″ Shelved Mini Container (gross weight 20,000kg) for such goods.

Mini Containers are a good match for smaller commodities and when there is considerably less product to be stored. BSL offers a choice between 6’x6’x8′ Shelved Mini Container and a regular 6’x6’x8′ Mini Container. Both have a gross weight of 5,000kg.
Offshore containers also include Cargo baskets which can be useful for specific, off-dimension cargo where customization is important. Also for waste products such as tree trimmings, a Cutting Skip container would be most fitting. BSL’s Cutting Skips have 2280mmx1950mmx1250mm external dimensions and 2045mmx1755mmx1000mm internal dimensions.

For storing chemicals, BSL has three different Offshore Portable Tanks; tanks that hold 300 gallons, 500 gallons, and 4000 liters. The maximum payloads for each are 750kg, 3440kg, and 7600kg, respectively.

Offshore Reefer containers are best for storing foodstuffs and anything requiring temperature controlled environments. BSL supplies a 10’x8’x8’6″ Offshore Reefer Container with a gross weight of 10,820kg, and a 20’x8’x8’6″ Offshore Reefer Container with a gross weight of 14,120kg.

When choosing offshore containers, it is important to note the three basics of the goods that will be stored: size, shape, and amount. Other considerations include climate control, and length of time the commodities are to be stored. BSL specializes in creating the right offshore containers for many different industries all over the US and Gulf of Mexico. For more information, please visit http://www.bsloffshore.com.

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