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Top 3 Reasons to Choose Offshore Containers

There are many reasons to choose offshore containers over any standard shipping container -- if you have offshore sites, are shipping via ocean vessel carrier, or need to move goods from one offshore site to another -- then offshore containers are the most appropriate choice. Below are the top three reasons to choose offshore containers over any other containers available in
the industry.

Harsh & Changing Weather on Offshore Sites
The ocean is a harsh, rapidly changing environment -- a calm sea one minute can be a raging maelstrom the next. Even on a cloudless, sunny day, the salty air is a constant. That salt-filled air causes a great deal of corrosion and strain on materials at offshore sites. Furthermore, storms and wind can do a great deal of damage to containers and facilities -- by being bumped, jostled, and otherwise prodded and moved. This, of course, also applies to any containers moving overseas via ocean freight.
By selecting offshore containers, you are purchasing certified containers that are made of 100% steel, resistant to corroding, and sturdy enough to handle the rigors of the offshore environment.

Sturdy Corner Fittings
Because offshore containers have design requirements that are made to withstand harsh environmental conditions, it is not surprising that they have additional requirements for lifting and carrying safely and securely. A horizontal lift is required for all offshore containers -- this is for the safety of the crew as well as the security of the cargo contained therein. Tilting and tipping can lead to serious accidents. To achieve this horizontal life and avoid tipping (and because offshore containers normally carry heavy and bulky items) all offshore containers that meet certification must have special pad eyes and corner fittings for an uncompromising, secure lift every time.

Safety & Security
Worker safety, environmental safety, and accident prevention are top priorities for companies. By choosing offshore containers, you help to limit risks to your employees because of the stringent design, manufacturing, and testing standards imposed by the accrediting agencies (e.g., DNV 2.7-1, EN 12079, ISO 1161, and CSC). These third-party agencies ensure that offshore containers are suitable to withstand the demanding conditions of the ocean, as well as the rigorous requirements of transport and shipment overseas.
BSL offers superior quality offshore containers with the best steel, construction, and design (to all the latest specifications and regulations). Your initial investment will pay for itself many times over when choosing offshore containers. To obtain quotes, pricing, or for more information, please contact BSL Offshore.

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