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Why Choose Offshore Open Top Containers

There are many reasons to choose offshore open top containers over other containers and shipping containers. Commodities, strength, construction, and other factors can influence your decision to invest in superior built offshore containers. Below is a brief examination of why open top containers for offshore purposes are the right choice for offshore applications.

What are offshore open tops containers for?
Open top containers are most commonly used for holding, storing, and transporting a wide variety of pipes, metal/steel bars, tools, equipment, and other goods. Open tops are an excellent option for any kinds of cargo or commodities that tend to 'stick out' of normal containers, or for those that just don't fit in closed containers. Shelved open top containers (or 'mini containers' are ideal for stacking and dividing items and tools. In addition, open top containers are useful for holding ore and items that tend to greatly roll or shift during movement. Finally, because there is no roof, open top containers are perfect for top loading and unloading bulky or off-dimension items.

The Initial Investment

At first, you may hesitate when choosing to purchase offshore open top containers versus standard shipping and cargo containers because of the initial price. However, when purchasing offshore containers, you will be making a long-lasting investment that saves money over time. Offshore open top containers are made to the strictest standards with the best materials available (more on that below), and are all metals -- no woods or polymers are allowed in the construction or design. Offshore containers are designed specifically for the harsh and demanding conditions of the sea -- the corroding effects of salty air, and the ability to weather the rapidly changing storms and high waters.
Ultimately, those who buy offshore open top containers do not have to replace them as often as those who purchase standard shipping containers, thereby saving money through their initial investment on a superior product.

A Major Factor -- Certifications
The most important factor when it comes to choosing open top containers is making sure they are fully certified for use in all ports, offshore settings, and over rail and road during transport. BSL containers meet all offshore certifications, including the DNV 2.7-1 for offshore containers, the EN 12079 for offshore containers, and ISO 1161 for corner fittings for series one freight containers. This means that no matter where you will need to use your offshore open top containers, if they meet these certifications, they can be used.
For further information, to ask questions, or to obtain quotes and pricing, please contact BSL Offshore.

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