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Uses for Open Top Containers

There are many uses for open top containers, and they are especially useful for offshore applications. In the offshore oil industry, the need for open top containers is equally as important (or even more so). The types of equipment, pipes, and other items used in the industry need to be stored and moved safely and securely. Only offshore open top containers can meet the unique needs for off-dimension equipment, tools, etc.

Commonly Stored Goods
There are hundreds of goods that can be stored in open top containers, and open tops can be used for removal of debris as well. Below is a short list of items that are well known to be housed in open top containers:

  • Machinery, especially off-height machinery
  • Steel Bars of any length or thickness
  • Pipes, any size, shape, length, or thickness
  • Cables, and cable spools
  • General industrial goods
  • Tools (shelved open top containers are quite ideal for tools of varying sizes)
  • Waste products from cleanup projects and demolition projects
  • Construction debris, for leftover materials
  • Ore and other mining materials
  • Diatomaceous earth and similar earthen compounds

This is just a small list of items that can go into open top containers—basically any cargo or goods that need to be top-loaded and unloaded are ideal for open tops.

Other Applications & Information
In the event of having to move or transport your goods in open top containers, whether it is from site-to-site transport or delivery elsewhere, you can use your offshore open top containers. Transporting the materials requires taking a weatherproof, sturdy tarpaulin and secure straps to the lashing bars and eye pads. This will help to keep any debris from falling out from under the tarp.
Many open top containers are built with roof bows—this is mainly found on standard shipping containers, however—not only to support the tarps used, but to add to the container stability during lifting, stacking, and transport. But because offshore open top containers are made to higher (more stringent) construction, testing, and design standards, you will not find as many, if any, roof bows on offshore open top containers. This is not only because of design and materials differences, but because offshore applications are much different than standard shipping applications. Additionally, a difference many notice between shipping containers and offshore open top containers is the flooring. Standard shipping containers use a wooden or other slip-resistant floor, whereas offshore open top containers are required to be all metal.
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