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DNV2.7-1 Offshore Mini Containers


Mini containers are highly useful for several applications—the oil industry, for example, uses mini containers constantly for transportation and storage of small equipment, standard size tools, food, and even waste products (though they don't tend to store food and waste in the same container, thankfully). Industrial goods can be transported safely from the offshore site to the proper facility (inland or port) due to the versatility of these mini containers.

Selecting Mini Containers - Considerations
Selecting offshore mini containers does not have to be a daunting process, especially when it is broken down into steps.
First, consider the commodity that will be housed or transported. Ensure it will fit into a mini container, and that it will be easy to access once inside the container. Mini containers are most appropriate for non-spilling materials (in other words, items that are not sand-like or runny), and goods that are stored in smaller containers (for example, bottles of liquid).
Second, consider how often the cargo will be accessed and moved. During transport and access, mini containers get bumped, jostled, and are exposed to harsh treatment during their lives. Therefore, choosing an offshore mini container over a standard marine container would be a better choice, as there are no conditions more harsh than offshore ones.
Third, and finally, consider whether shelving is appropriate. The shelved mini containers are best for tools and items that will need to be accessed quickly and organized “just so.” Shelving provides an added layer of organization, making access more efficient and friendlier to the end-user. Good organization and easy visual access also helps increase safety.
Another important thing to note on the transport of mini containers is that, additionally, slings and shackles, cargo safety nets, net securing points, and tie-down points are all available on mini containers, whether or not a middle shelf is added.

Mini Containers and Materials
The materials used to construct offshore mini containers are important—high quality, anti-corrosive, and durability are an absolute must. This makes them ideal not just for offshore purposes, but for any industrial usage. The main allowable materials in building offshore mini containers are:

  • carbon steel
  • carbon-manganese alloy steel (micro-alloy and low-alloy)
  • aluminum (rolled)

These metals must meet the DNV's allowances for thickness and strength, and stand up to corrosive elements of offshore sites, such as the salty air. The standards are very high for offshore mini containers, which make them a superior choice for those in the oil and gas industries, as well as those who are looking for better made, highly durable products with a long life.
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