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Offshore Mini Containers - An Overview


When searching for mini containers, it's important to note their complete specifications prior to ordering. BSL Offshore offers two mini containers, one with shelving, and one without shelves. This article gives a brief overview of the dimensions, weights, and other important information regarding mini containers. Additionally, all measurements are given in metric—lbs and feet are for easy reference for those who are not familiar with the metric system.

The first model is referred to as the 6' x 6' x 8' mini container. The standard exterior dimensions of this container are 1830mm x 1830mm x 2438 mm, and the interior dimensions are 1668mm x 1728mm x 2116mm. The tare weight is 1,350 kg, and the gross weight is 5,000 kg, making the payload 3,650 kg.
The second model is nearly exactly the same, known as the 6' x 6' x 8' shelved mini container. However, with the addition of the shelf, the specifications change slightly. The exterior dimensions are the same as on the first model, but the interior dimensions are 1668mm x 1728mm x 2046mm. The addition of the shelf also increases the tare weight to 1,550 kg, but the gross weight remains the same at 5,000 kg. This changes the payload to 3,450 kg.

In order to meet the rigorous requirements of the DNV 2.7-1, the EN 12079, and ISO 1161 for offshore containers, these mini containers must be built of all metal materials. These mini containers are typically used in offshore settings (sitting right on the ocean, exposed to the harsh elements). Therefore, the biggest concerns are corrosion, and storm damage. This is why only metal materials are used. To avoid corrosion, wrought alloy aluminum is used. Other accepted metals used in the construction of these mini containers are carbon steel, and carbon-manganese steel (micro-alloyed and low-alloyed). The materials are tested for strength and ability to withstand a corrosive environment.
Finally, the ISO 1161 standards for corner fittings must be met. This is so that the containers can be lifted and moved without compromising safety. The containers are designed in such a way so that they won't tip, and, if they have to be tilted, they are designed to tolerate a 30 degree tilt. This is important when it comes to moving the cargo contained inside—not only for the safety and security of the materials from damage, but for the safety of the workers employed to move the cargo from one site to another.
For more information, to ask any questions about mini containers, or to obtain quotes and pricing, contact BSL Offshore directly.

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