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Those who are new to the offshore container industry often wonder what all the three letter acronyms mean, such as DNV, CSC, and ISO...or that two letter acronym of EN. These are the regulatory certifications for any container to be used for offshore purposes. Det Norske Veritas, Container Safety Convention, the International Organization for Standardization, and the European Committee for Standardization are all globally recognized organizations that approve the construction, design, manufacturing, materials, and safety requirements for all offshore containers.

For half height containers, there are three certifications that must be granted in order for these containers to be used internationally. Without all three certificates, half height containers can be refused at ports, offshore sites, and inland terminals because they would not be approved to meet the stringent safety requirements.

Therefore, all half height containers must meet the DNV 2.7-1 for offshore containers, which means that if they meet this requirement, they will also meet the standards for EN 12079 (taken directly from DNV but used to certify half height containers all throughout Europe and European waters). Additionally, half height containers are not accepted without the ISO 1161 specifications of corner fittings for series one freight containers.

The DNV requires that all half height containers are designed, manufactured, tested, and inspected under strict conditions. Materials used must be a certain grade of metal, a required thickness, and must stand up to non-destructive testing. Construction of the containers is also overseen to ensure workmanship is of top quality. Finally, after the half height containers are built, they are put through rigorous tests to ensure that they will not fall apart or endanger lives upon usage. The EN 12079 regulations require the exact same thing. If the half height containers do not meet the standards, they will not receive certificates.
The third and final requirement for certification of half height containers is the ISO 1161, which essentially guides the placement, strength, function, and security of corner fittings. Corner fittings are used to lift containers via crane or forklift. The corner fittings must be placed in such a way that the container will not tip or tilt upon being lifted. Tilting can be very dangerous for workers present, and for the environment in case of a hazardous cargo being lifted (such as a marine pollutant). In most cases, tipping containers cannot be tolerated, and a horizontal lift is required consistently.

Once the containers are built and certificates are issued, offshore half height containers can be used in any setting—be it a drilling site, port, rail, or inland terminal. Because these organizations are recognized worldwide, this means the containers can be used and shipped globally.
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