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BSL Offshore half height containers

One of the most amusing (and surprisingly accurate) comments cargo manufacturing companies have heard is that half height containers look like “really big toolboxes.” This is absolutely true—for many companies that use half height containers, that's what they are—giant toolboxes.

It's interesting to note that half height containers, particularly the ones used for offshore purposes, are really the ultimate toolboxes. Like a toolbox, they can move equipment from one site to another, store tools indefinitely, and can be conveniently organized to access tools and equipment whenever they are needed.
However, offshore half height containers can do much more than be an oversized toolbox. They are very useful for carrying and storing other items—not just equipment, rods, pipes, tools, and metal bars—but some house grains, waste products, and other construction debris. They work well with these other items (when cutting skips and mini containers just won't fit the task).

Also, half height containers offer diversity for the loading and unloading of cargo. Top loading is available for crane lifting, as most half height containers are also open tops. A side door that is removable or built with swinging hinges is also available, meaning that side loading is possible for forklifts.
Another difference between toolboxes and half height containers is sheer size. Regular toolboxes can be rolled or carried from one place to another, but with bulk equipment, tools, and goods, no human (short of a fictional superhero) could lift a half height container. This is not just an obvious distinction, it is an important one. To make it easy and safe to lift, all offshore half height containers must comply with the ISO 1161 specifications of corner fittings for series one freight containers. By meeting these specifications, these half height containers will be able to be lifted via gantry crane or forklifts without tipping or tilting. With a secure tarpaulin in place, this makes the half height containers safer and easier to transport from one site to another. Containers that lack these certifications and corner fittings will not be able to be used at many ports, offshore sites, or the like. Therefore it is vital to ensure that the half height containers have this certification in addition to the DNV 2.7-1 and EN 12079 (as issued by Bureau Veritas or Lloyd's Register).

Finally, offshore containers are built to much more exacting standards than toolboxes or even standard marine cargo containers. They are built with all metal alloys and wrought aluminum—to the required thickness as demanded by the above-mentioned standards. Because of this, an initial investment in half height containers is often considered worth every penny—the offshore containers don't have to be replaced as often as standard containers do (with proper maintenance and inspections).

Half height containers are among the best choice when it comes to versatility. For more information, or to inquire on quotes and pricing, visit BSL Offshore.

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