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BSL Offshore Open Top Containers Overview

There are many different ways that open top containers can be built, and there is always room for customization. Some consumers prefer to have fully removable side doors, while others prefer swinging hinges. Still others prefer to have a solid structure and use durable tarpaulins to cover their cargo or goods.
No matter what types of open top containers are needed to fulfill a job, it's important to note that production and design of customized containers can take a bit longer and may have to wait for approval from the certifying committees (such as the DNV or the CEN). That's before the containers are even allowed to go into manufacturing.

Therefore, the best way to order open top containers is by choosing models that are already approved. This saves a step in the process of building containers for use.
Open top containers are used primarily for machinery, off-dimension equipment, steel bars, pipes, cables, debris, leftover goods from construction sites, and tools. Other commodities that can be stored and shipped in open tops are ore, mining materials, sands, and earth. Unless the goods are particularly unusual, off-size, or otherwise in need of custom loading and/or unloading, it is a good idea to choose models that are already available.

Pre-Approved Types of Open Top Containers
BSL offers two open top containers that are ready to order. This means that the types of containers have already been approved for production, and do not have to go through the submission process and wait for approval from the bureau issuing the certificates. This is also known as a “type approval certificate,” so that these two models of open top containers can be manufactured repeatedly.

The first pre-approved models are the 10' x 8' x 8' open top containers. The tare weight for these containers is 1,950 kg, and the gross weight is 20,000 kg. This places the maximum payload at 18,050 kg. The exterior dimensions are 2991mm x 2438mm x 2438mm. The interior dimensions are 2828mm x 2338mm x 2053 mm.
The second pre-approved models of open top containers are the 20' x 8' x 8'6” types. The tare weight for these containers is 4,400 kg, with a gross weight of 20,000 kg. The maximum payload is 15,600 kg. The exterior dimensions are 6058mm x 2438mm x 2591mm, and the interior dimensions are 5866mm x 2330mm x 2197mm.

Ordering either of these open top containers guarantees that they go right into production—which, of course, is still overseen and rigorously inspected by the certification organizations—but there is some time saved in choosing pre-approved containers.
For further information on open top containers, or to obtain quotes and pricing, contact BSL Offshore.

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