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BSL Offshore dry containers

As offshore oil, gas and mining operations continue to expand in our never ending quest for energy, the demand for durable, high-grade, corrosion-resistant tools and equipment will also increase.  This includes the heavy-duty containers needed to transport this equipment, and specifically, dry containers.  

Offshore dry containers differ from standard marine containers in several ways, but most notably because they are built to more rigid standards: specifically, DNV 2.7-1:2006 and EN12079:2006. The DNV 2.7-1 standard has been adopted across the entire industry and was developed by Det Norske Veritas, a Norwegian standards organization, in 1986.  EN12079 is a European standard that covers lifting sets and the periodic inspection and testing of this equipment.  These standards, endorsed by the Lloyd’s Registry Group and the American Bureau of Shipping, have established more rigorous guidelines for manufacturing procedures, material requirements, and maintenance rules to fit the demanding transport environment of offshore oil, gas, and mining operations.     

Steel containers used for ordinary seagoing freight transport are not built to these same high standards and normally integrate wood flooring and substandard internal fixtures into their design. 

Offshore dry containers come in a wide range of sizes and functions and typically share these features:  

  • DNV 2.7-1 and EN12079 certification
  • ISO 1161 certification (pertains to specification of corner fittings for Series 1 freight containers)
  • CSC international convention for safe containers (20' sizes only)
  • Marine-grade paints and coatings
  • Watertight seals
  • NDT/MPI tested
  • Load tested
  • Stackable designs
  • Certified pad-eyes
  • Certified slings
  • Data plates
  • High loading capacity (volume & weight)
  • Cargo net and/or chill curtains
  • Internal lighting
  • Shelving options  

Standard units also feature multiple internal tie-downs and cargo restraining nets where required, and anti-slip coatings on floors and roofs to ensure rigging safety. 

All offshore dry containers are constructed from high-grade steel throughout (including floors) and must conform to the strictest welding standards as stipulated in DNV 2.7-1.  

These heavy duty containers can be used to transport any number of industrial items, including:

  • Heavy machinery and tools
  • Metal plates, bars and fixtures
  • Glass, Plexiglass, and composite materials
  • Pipes and valves
  • Cables, spools, chains and wire
  • Miscellaneous machine parts
  • Waste material from cleanup and demolition projects
  • Hazardous waste (may require specialized markings)
  • Ore and other mining materials
  • Diatomaceous earth and similar compounds associated with offshore operations.  

Sizes of offshore dry containers can range from 6’x6’x8’ with a tare weight of 1,350kg and gross weight of 5,000kg to 20'x8'x9'6” with a tare weight of 4,250kg and gross weight of 20,000kg.            

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