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Cargo Baskets - An Overview

Offshore cargo baskets are an ideal choice for shippers, offshore industries, or any industries looking for superior ways to ship, store, and contain goods and commodities. Cargo baskets from BSL can be made to custom sizes and are excellent for the transport and storage of a multitude of goods.

All offshore cargo baskets must meet the DNV 2.7-1 requirements for the design, construction/manufacturing, testing, and inspection markings for offshore containers. Meeting these requirements will automatically allow the EN 12079 regulations to be met. A certificate from either Bureau Veritas or Lloyd's Register will then be issued accordingly. Therefore, any customization will have to meet with the DNV's approval.
The number one customization requirement is size—the dimensions consumers want depends on the cargo they will store and transport. Therefore, additional requirements, such as pad eyes, lashing points, cargo nets, and approved tarpaulins will depend entirely upon the dimensions of the cargo baskets. For example, the DNV requires that offshore cargo baskets must not tip or tilt upon being lifted (whether by crane or by forklift). This means that the amount of pad eyes that will need to be added will correspond with the size of the container, to ensure a horizontal lift every time.

Materials Used to Build Cargo Baskets
Another DNV requirement for offshore cargo baskets is that only metals are to be used. The high-quality metals that are most acceptable are as follows:

  • carbon steel
  • carbon-manganese micro-alloyed steel
  • carbon-manganese low-alloyed steel
  • carbon-manganese steel
  • wrought-alloyed aluminum

All of these metals must also meet a certain degree of thickness in order to stand up to the harsh conditions that are found in offshore settings. Offshore cargo baskets are designed to be long-lasting and extremely durable, to ensure the safety of the ecosystem as well as the safety of all workers and people involved with the containers.

Offshore cargo baskets last much longer than standard cargo baskets, and are made to stand up to the elements of the ocean, as well as the jostling and rough regular treatment in transportation via ocean freight and moving from site to site.

Common Commodities for Cargo Baskets
Offshore cargo baskets are used to hold a vast number of diverse commodities. Among the most commonly stored and transported cargo in these containers are pipes, metal bars, tools and equipment, cables, wires, ore, earth, and grains. Because cargo baskets are open topped, they are ideal for any items that need to be top-loaded and unloaded. Off-dimension equipment and awkwardly shaped tools are also excellent matches for cargo baskets. For shipping and storage purposes, they can be covered with a tarpaulin to ensure that the items contained therein do not scatter upon movement or windy conditions.
For more information, or to initiate quotes for cargo baskets, contact BSL Offshore.

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