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What offshore dry containers can do for you

Dry containers are a solid solution for transporting goods by sea. They commonly go by the name steel storage containers and are an excellent and economical storage facility that is easily accessible but also maintains a dry and water tight environment for all your goods. Dry containers are durable, rugged, and offer safe and secure holding facilities for all your goods to be transported.

Some of the features that dry containers offer include:

  • Can hold an extra high payload and offer a variety of door widths
  • Ventilation units that allow for shipping of cocoa, coffee, and other crops
  • Lashing bars and bull rings for additional security for your cargo
  • Hanger beams to allow you to transport garments on hangers while reducing the need for further packing 

Whether you are shipping automobiles, crops, household appliances, or any other goods, there are multiple options for dry containers to choose from to store and ship your product in.

Types of dry containers and their uses

Cargo Boxes
These units offer net securing points, drainage points, anti slip floor surfaces, internal points to tie down your cargo for secure transportation of goods, and cargo restraining nets.

Closed Mud Skips
These containers are used for transporting drilling waste to a treatment or disposal site and offer efficient containment and are the safest method of transport for this.
These containers are equipped with a light aluminum lid that allows for safe and easy lifting. The prevention of spillage during transport is due to the oversized sealed lid. This lid allows you to fill your unit to its maximum capacity while ensuring a tight, secure seal.
They can be stacked and still offer accessibility due to the sling on the upper mud skip and are deigned with forklift pockets to allow for easy maneuvering. They also can withstand temperatures up to 32 degrees.

Half Height Offshore Containers
Certain features on these units include removable doors, internal tie down points for secure transport of cargo, net securing points, anti slip floor surfaces, cargo restraining nets, and drainage points.

Mini Offshore Containers

While offering the standard cargo restraining nets, anti slip floor surfaces, and internal tie down points for secure transportation, these containers also offer attachment points that are built into the roofs. These ensure the safety of inspecting personnel while routine maintenance of slings and lifting points is performed. This container also offers an optional mid shelf.

Offshore Chemical Tanks
Chemical tanks are equipped with flat mesh covers built into the roof of the container to prevent tripping hazards. They also have anti slip steps, readily accessible valves and document pouches.

Rectangular Skips
While offering the amenities that other dry containers come standard with, this container is specially designed with extremely rigid construction to ensure a long life.

Whatever your shipping needs may be, there are sure to be dry containers that suit your budget, shipping and transportation needs to ensure that cargo will arrive safely and securely.

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