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Offshore Containers - Importance of Transporting Materials

Offshore containers are diversified in shape and size, and they can be customized for a business's specific shipping needs. All containers must be ISO and DNV approved, which means they have been certified for meeting stringent regulations and strict standards, as well as following the specifications/requirements of the industry.

Ideal Refrigerated Units offer:

  • Improved humidity and climate control (frozen, static chilled or portable or heated)
  • Reduced noise levels when operating
  • Better temperature ranges
  • Improved power consumption (power savings 30%)
  • Maintenance costs lowered with improvements
  • Air-tight, watertight-seals
  • DNV approved, certified slings
  • Eco-compliant, efficient, reliable, cost-effective

Categories of Offshore Containers

These containers are not only used in offshore and storage, but are also used onboard the supply ships to and from the rigs, in the transporting of food, equipment, liquids, waste etc. The different offshore containers available are:

  • Cargo Baskets
  • Chemical Tanks
  • Cutting Skips
  • Dry Containers
  • Half Height Containers
  • Mini Containers
  • Offshore Reefers

Open Top Containers

Each category of open top containers has bins that come in various sizes and types. Your selection of offshore container will be dependent upon your specifications and the applications in which they will be used. Every type of container can be customized to meet the specific needs and requirements that you desire.

Customized Orders Fulfill Your Specifications

Here are a couple of examples how customized orders can address any specification. Every type of container can be modified or customized to meet your requirements.

Cargo baskets -- These baskets have superb versatility; however, they are oftentimes customized due to the numerous ways they are used and the variety of cargo that can be carried in them. You may consider ordering a basket that has individual compartments to make access to different sized cargo more
convenient. Orders for the baskets can specify sizing from 1.4 square meters and up; set for stationary or mobile use, designed with lips and/or seals to prevent loss of smaller items or with drain plugs for liquid cargo. Whether it is to hold solids such as tools and any other solid cargo, or whether the basket is to contain liquid, all can be made to your specifications.

Half Height Containers -- These containers are ideal for over-sized or over-height cargo, as they are open-topped. Tarps are typically used to protect the cargo from weather conditions. The half-height is ideal for easy access when offshore. Customizing may be required to meet needs such as side-loading, as opposed to top-loading via crane, or perhaps you need a special inside pocket to hold small equipment that goes along with the cargo, but must not touch the cargo.

Above are just two examples to give you an idea of the way any container can be modified or specifically constructed. The special needs or requirements for containers are as diverse as the cargo being hauled; therefore customizing is an excellent choice, no matter what kind of offshore containers you have need of.

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