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When To Use Cargo Baskets

There are many different choices when choosing offshore containers for your company's needs. So many choices, in fact, many people are overwhelmed by the sizes, shapes, and available materials that go into design for each type of container.

When considering ordering custom-built cargo baskets, you may wonder if you're choosing the right kind of container for your needs. If there are any doubts as to which container you should be using, take a closer look at cargo baskets in conjunction with the cargo you will be holding, how it will need to be stored, and how the commodity needs to be protected from the elements (wind, rain, snow, etc.).

Cargo Baskets or Cutting Skips?
The decision whether to use cargo baskets or cutting skips depends very much upon what goods will be held in the containers. If your goods will be waste products, such as tree trimmings, lawn clippings, and the like, then cutting skips are the preferred choice. However, if your goods are pipes, steel or aluminum bars, tools, cables and wires, or similar products, then cargo baskets are the ideal choice. This is mainly because they are designed to hold 'off-size' or awkwardly shaped materials that would not fit well into a cutting skip or other standard container.

Open Top Baskets
Additionally, when deciding on which container is best suited for your goods, consider the type of commodity being held. It's best to answer these three following questions prior to placing your order:

  • Will the goods being stored need to be protected from moisture?
  • Will the goods being stored need to be protected from inclement weather or strong sunlight?
  • Will the goods being stored fit into a closed container?

Starting with these three questions will help you determine whether cargo baskets are the right choice. If your goods need only a drainage hole for excess moisture and water, and can handle differing weather conditions, then cargo baskets are an excellent choice. If the goods are oddly shaped or need to be accessed continually, again, cargo baskets are the ideal. A cargo basket can be covered with a tarp and tied down -- but make sure that is the appropriate and safest way for your goods to be transported.

No matter what type of container you choose, cargo baskets, cutting skips, or others, always ensure that they are built to the highest standards and certifications offered in the industry. For more information and to begin the process of ordering custom-built cargo baskets, please visit our contact page.

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