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Common Commodities for Chemical Tanks

There are many types of liquids and goods that are suitable for chemical tanks, depending on if the commodities being shipped will need to be temperature controlled or not. Some chemical tanks are refrigerated specifically to carry anything from foodstuffs to healthcare chemicals, and corrosives that need to be under a certain temperature. Other chemical tanks can be kept heated in order to maintain the viscosity of a certain commodity -- this can be accomplished on a vessel or in a self-contained tank environment.

Chemical tanks are typically made out of stainless steel in order to handle the high-acidity and corrosive qualities of certain chemicals. Some, which are used to carry less corrosive items, such as corn oil, will have an epoxy coating. Depending on what you are shipping and storing, you will need to choose chemical tanks that are appropriate for the commodities in question.
The most common goods shipped in chemical tanks can be divided into two categories -- chemical products and foodstuffs. Examples of chemical products include the following:

  • Flammable chemicals (gasoline, oil, etc.)
  • Corrosive materials (sulfuric acid, etc.)
  • Oxidizing agents (acetone, benzoyl peroxide, etc.)
  • Other toxic substances
  • Medicines

Examples of foodstuffs commonly carried in tanks include:

  • Alcohol
  • Juice (fruit juices, etc.)
  • Oils (corn oil, vegetable oil, etc.)
  • Food additives
  • Animal Fats (rendering)

Determining what is the best solution for carrying, transporting, and storing your goods will depend on your trade, the volume of cargo you ship annually, and how often you switch commodities. If your business handles primarily foodstuffs, you will want to decide what kind of temperature control you will need (if any), and then decide if you want to use chemical tanks, or if you want to use drums and ship inside of reefer containers. Food additives that require little temperature control, for example, ship well inside of non-refrigerated chemical tanks, whereas animal rendering would be better off in a temperature-controlled chemical tank, or placed inside drums and shipped in a reefer container.

If your business is varied, shipping mixes of foodstuffs and chemical products throughout the year, you will need chemical tanks that are used exclusively for each category. Remember that, obviously, there can be no mixing of these commodities -- in other words, one shipment can't go out with gasoline one time and come back with corn oil the next (even with standard washing between shipments).

BSL offers chemical tanks and reefer containers separately, and can help you with your specific shipping needs. To find out if our chemical tanks are right for your goods, and to obtain a quote and place an order, please use our contact page.

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