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What goods are best for dry containers?

Shipping, transporting, and storage of cargo is as diverse as the commodities themselves. The most commonly shipped cargo is dry goods. Offshore containers designed to hold dry goods are useful for any commodity that doesn't require temperature control, and that need to have a secure cover to protect the goods from the elements. Below is a brief overview of the best trade goods for dry containers.

Types of Cargo
Types of cargo that are shipped in dry containers are textiles, such as marble slabs, tile flooring, fabrics, and other items; items such as cords, cables, boxes, barrels, crates, pallets, and bags. Basically, anything that is not over-height or has odd dimensions, and doesn't require special temperatures in order to transport securely can go into a dry container. Dry containers are sealed to the elements, so cargo that cannot be exposed to excessive wetness or direct sunlight can be shipped in these. Additionally, any goods that do not require special stowage (in other words, can go above or below deck) are appropriate for dry containers.

Finally, bulk goods, such as malt, corn meal, or similar substances can be placed in liner bags and shipped in dry containers.

Size of Cargo

As mentioned briefly above, cargo that is not over-height or lacks off/odd dimensions can be placed in offshore dry containers (provided they do not need temperature controlled environments, of course). The general rule of thumb is to select cargo that doesn't 'stick out' the top or the sides, or could possibly drill its way through the tops or the sides due to its heft or sharpness.

Security of Cargo

Another consideration for shipping and transport in dry containers is the security of the contents during transport. With open tops, the cargo is latched down with covers and tie-downs to prevent debris from entering or exiting during transport. However, open tops are typically used for large, bulky cargo that will not typically shift or spill during the voyage. Therefore, if your cargo will shift, has the potential to distribute debris, or is otherwise capable of escaping an open top, then dry containers are the logical selection.

The types of cargo that can be transported in dry goods containers are as diverse as the containers themselves. It is important to note that the smaller, offshore containers are best for long-term storage and air cargo shipments, while the larger, 20' dry containers are best for ocean vessel transport. For more information and to request a quote for your company's needs, please visit our contact page.

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