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Certifications for Offshore Containers

There are many different types of offshore containers -- dry containers, half height containers, open tops, mini containers, cargo baskets, cutting skips, offshore reefers, and chemical tanks -- all for a multitude of uses and applications. But no matter which offshore containers you will use for your company's needs -- make sure that they are fully certified. Certification from the major third-party agencies will ensure that your offshore containers can be used in any environment world-wide. Certifications are supplied by Bureau Veritas or by the UK's Lloyd's Register. Below are the sources that guide the certifications for offshore containers and a brief overview of what they mean, their requirements, and how they work.

DNV 2.7-1 for Offshore Containers
DNV stands for Det Norske Veritas -- the third-party bureau that ensures safety standards are met for a variety of industries (including maritime and petrochemical industries). These requirements apply to the design, materials, construction, testing, inspection, and inspection marking regulations for offshore containers.

EN 12079 for Offshore Containers
The EN 12079 is the European Standardization for design, materials, construction, testing, inspection, and inspection marking regulations for offshore containers. It follows the DNV standards to the letter, and is a must-have for offshore applications on European waters. Fortunately, if a container meets the requirements of the DNV standards, it will automatically meet the requirements for EN 12079.

ISO 1161 for Corner Fittings
The International Organization for Standardization ISO 1161 establishes the requirements for function and strength for series one freight containers' corner fittings and elaborates on the specifics for offshore containers. Because lifting and moving offshore containers is a delicate business and must be done safely (with horizontal lifting every time), special pad eyes fit to the corners of offshore containers are required. Containers that meet the ISO 1161 criteria can be moved and shipped via any port world-wide.

CSC for Safe Containers

The Convention for Safe Containers (CSC) on all of BSL's 20' offshore containers comes from the International Maritime Organization (IMO). It defines the safety requirements of all containers that are used in maritime transport. By providing a uniform code, the IMO is able to ensure that CSC marked containers are useable globally and in multiple applications. When offshore containers are CSC plated, that means they can be used for transport, delivery, and storage.

BSL Offshore obtains these certifications for all of their containers (with the CSC on certain models as required). Ensure that your investment in offshore containers is sound by making sure all of these standards are met. For more information, or to obtain quotes and pricing, contact BSL Offshore.

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